How To Snack On The South Beach Diet

How To Snack On The South Beach Diet
How To Snack On The South Beach Diet

Low carb diets are very popular and one of the best South Beach Diet developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston. This way of eating encourages people to make healthy food choices based on the glycemic index including snacks. That’s right snacking is not only encouraged but it is necessary at the South Beach Diet even at phase one.
Healthy snacks keep hunger at bay so you do not reach for those carb-heavy snacks. In addition to three healthy meals each day include the South Beach Diet two snacks during the morning and afternoon-which includes a protein healthy fats and fiber.

– 1 –
Learn about good carbs and bad carbs. Read Dr. Agatston’s book The South Beach Diet. Then visit websites and forums online to see how others handle this new way of eating.

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Keep it simple. The reason most diets fail is that the rules are too complicated with weighing measuring and counting calories. The beauty of this diet: it is not a lot of obsession here
Stock the fridge and cupboards with the right low carb friendly foods. . . If you have them handy so there is no excuse for pigging out on bad carb foods.

– 4 –
Plan snacks. If you work you need to take something every day for both snacks. If you know that you want to run around take snack with you.

– 5 –
Stick to real food. It may seem easy to buy pre-packaged snacks (even those approved South Beach Diet itself) but until you are farther with your diet try to stick to real food.

Snack before restaurant visit or a major event. This diet is supposed to help you get cravings under control and right snack will help you do it.
Satisfy mid-night cravings. If you are a late night person do not think you need to do without snacks. Follow the steps above and you will be fine.
Do not cheat!

Tips and Warnings

For best weight loss results hold nuts to one serving. That means 15 nuts 20 or 30 pistachios.
Stick to low saturated fat and lean protein sources.
Sorry no fruit on phase one.
No starch or corn on phase one either.
Although the South Beach Diet does not require exercise you will lose more weight faster if you incorporate exercise into your schedule.