Fish Oil Can Help Fight Wrinkles?

Fish Oil Can Help Fight Wrinkles?
Fish Oil Can Help Fight Wrinkles?

One of the many alleged health benefits of fish oil is healthier skin. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids fish oil is a natural supplement and regularly include it in your diet can lead to smoother more youthful looking skin. EPA — — eicosapentaenoic a fatty acid found in fish oil are particularly beneficial to the skin says organicfacts. net
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EPA has been shown to counteract the visible signs of aging by keeping the skin soft and helps eliminate wrinkles. Taking fish oil on a daily basis provides the system with fatty acids EPA which helps reverse the effects of age-related skin damage such as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and under eye sagging. EPA acts by limiting certain chemical reactions which can cause skin damage.
Fish oil has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. The fatty acids found in fish oil is effective in treating wrinkles because their natural moisturizing properties help to retain water and keep your skin soft and moist. Wrinkles are more likely to develop in dry skin so it follows that fish oil prevents dryness and delays the onset of wrinkles by keeping the skin moist.
Common Skin Conditions
Fish oil can be used to treat wrinkles and numerous other skin disorders. Among skin diseases that can be effectively treated with fish oil is psoriasis acne and eczema.