How To Prepare A Low Calorie Pizza

How To Prepare A Low Calorie Pizza
How To Prepare A Low Calorie Pizza

Craving a pizza? well this delicious recipe satisfy your needs and will help you stay happy in your diet without feeling guilty
do you need:!
a hoagie bun or French bread cut in half getting a caloric content of 150 calories <. br>.
Approximately 1/2 cup of your favorite marinara sauce.
 Aim for about 35 calories.
2 slices of skim mozzarella cheese.
  Aim for 50 calories per slice for a total of 100 calories.
Non-stick butter spray.

– 1 –
Spray non-stick pan with butter spray. Then spray the non-crusted side of bread with butter spray and place carefully into hot pan. DO NOT PRESS ON BREAD. Allow to shake on a slow heat so you can get a nice buttery crunchy crusty layer on your bread. Crusty will be better good!

– 2 –
Remove and place on a platter. Top the toasted side with warm marinara sauce. You want the sauce really hot so it will melt the cheese.

– 3 –
Fold mozzarella cheese in half and two slices on each toast.
Note: If you need a more melty cheese then put it into the microwave for a few seconds so that it melts more

Tips and Warnings

The total calories for this delicious pizza bread is about 285 calories.
Recipe can be split and divided making it a great snack choice for less than 150 calories.
Recipe contains so few calories that there is room for a healthy salad
Try adding some of these to Doll-Up this great original recipe from Diet Bites :! black olives green olives caramelized onions saluted mushrooms peppers dried peppers grated Parmesan cheese and roasted tomatoes or peppers.
Serve with a tall glass of Diet Lemonade diet soda or a classy glass of spring water.
ENJOY !!!!