How To Find The Best Food For Sex

How To Find The Best Food For Sex
How To Find The Best Food For Sex

Did you know that the quality of sex depends on the food you eat. Many healthy foods can actually stir libido.
Thinking about what foods can make you better results? Indulgences in chocolate and wine have been shown to lower people’s inhibitions helping them to relax and help them become better sexual partners. Although no scientific evidence has been found that these aphrodisiacs have an effect on libido they remain as popular edible aphrodisiacs through the ages

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Eat fruits to be better at sex
imbued with fiber antioxidants and many aphrodisiac properties ;. Fresh fruit tops the list of sensual and healthy food choices. Apples apricots bananas cherries coconut dates figs grapes mangoes papayas peaches pears plums pomegranates quince raspberries have been considered to improve your sexual power. And not to forget the strawberries! French often fed their newlyweds cold strawberry soup for a romantic and heated honeymoon. Dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and rock the night away!

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Treat vegebtables getting better at sex
Did you know that asparagus was considered one of the hottest vegetable? Apart from the suggestive shape asparagus has vitamin E that stimulates your sex hormones. Other vegetables are carrots celery corn cucumber carrots eggplant. Lately even mustard joined the family of hot vegetables. Although avocados! Wondering if you knew that the ancient Aztec name for avocado was ahuacatl or testicle because of the fruit looks? Tomatoes are also an excellent source of antioxidants lycopene which was considered as a libido enhancer.

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Do not forget seafood
Legend shows that Casanova ate dozens of oysters a day. Oysters are high in zinc mineral used in the production of testosterone in men and women. Other fish that fuel the body are abalone oysters clams scallops shrimp lobster and deep cold-water fish such as cod and halibut.”