Foods That Boost Metabolism

Foods That Boost Metabolism
Foods That Boost Metabolism

To put it simply burning metabolism calories and converts them to energy. The rate at which your metabolism makes this play a big role in weight loss. Many believe the most effective way to diet is simply to eat less. In reality permanent causes metabolism to decrease. This is why the best diets involving several small healthy meals every day instead of two or three large. This pushes your metabolism resulting in weight loss and increased energy. It is important to realize however that you must eat the right foods to boost your metabolism.
One of the most effective things you can do on a diet is to eat a healthy breakfast. Eating first thing in the morning is a powerful booster for metabolism. Fried eggs bacon and pancakes but will definitely not help you lose weight because frankly there is no way your metabolism can work quickly enough to combat the kind of caloric intake. One of the best ways to start the day with oatmeal preferably oatmeal but even instant is a pretty good choice. Not only is oatmeal good for the heart (it is packed with fiber) but also keeps you full and energetic for a long time on minimal calories. Complex carbohydrates like this keep insulin levels from spiking after eating because they decompose very slowly. Regular insulin levels is essential for the prevention of fat storage.
The calcium in dairy products like milk and cottage cheese can also jump-start your metabolism. Perhaps the best dairy product for this though is yogurt. Not only is it rich in calcium but it is also a source of protein and it helps keep the digestive tract healthy. Yogurt is a great snack for dieters especially if topped with fresh fruit and almonds. Always remember that no matter what type of dairy products you are taking in you should always choose the low fat or fat free version.
In general water-rich fruit is the best choice to keep you full for the lowest calories. Of these it is best grapefruit. It is chock full of vitamin C (such as helping the body to absorb fiber) plus grapefruit helps reduce insulin levels discouraging the body from storing fat. Another super-fruit is apple. The fiber in apples will help keep you full for a longer time and sweetness will help combat sugar craving without breaking the caloric bank.
Diets high in vegetables especially vegetables with lots of fiber tend to be the most successful. A particularly impressive metabolism booster is broccoli. Not only is it packed with calcium but it also contains vitamin C which helps the body to absorb calcium. A good source of fiber aids vitamin C also in the absorption of the fiber. Extremely low in calories and loaded with vitamin A and folate broccoli has everything.
Hot Peppers
If you like spicy food you’re lucky. Hot peppers like jalapeno habanero and cayenne pepper can seriously speed up your metabolism. They contain capsaicin a substance that causes the temporary release of stress hormones in your body. The body warms up and the heart rate increases speed up your metabolism and burns more calories.
Just digest protein found in protein-rich foods such as chicken burns nearly a third of the total calories you’ve swallowed. For this reason including a small amount of protein with every meal helps speed up your metabolism. Meat with little fat as skinless chicken breast lean beef (plus other sources of protein such as tofu egg whites and low-fat dairy products) is ideal for this. Better still boneless skinless lean turkey. Low in calories high in protein and no saturated fat turkey is a fantastic way to get your body burns calories quickly while nice and full for a long time.
More Metabolism Boosters
There are many other foods that can help increase your metabolism. Among these are nuts which are loaded with fiber and protein. Peanut butter also works well. Beans full of fiber can keep you full for a long time making it easier to stick to your diet plan. Drinks such as coffee water and in particular green tea can also go a long way towards helping you achieve your weight loss goals by kick-start your metabolism.