Cell Mass Information

Cell Mass Information
Cell Mass Information

Cellamss is a dietary supplement used to help speed muscle recovery after exercise. According Bodybuilding. com has CellMass won Creatnine Product of the Year Award for 2005-2009
According Supplement Research Foundation creatnine a compound produced by the liver from the amino acids glycine arginine and methionine. Ninety-five percent of the body’s creatnine stored in muscles. Cell Mass is a creatnine supplement used to help build muscle mass and strength.
The proponents of CellMass state’s primary function is that of a recovery agent to assist in protein synthesis while promoting proper balancing of electrolytes. According BSNonline. net filled CellMass the natural creatnine in a person’s body that are lost during a workout. These statements are not however been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Although many manufacturers of dietary supplements claim that their product is beneficial it is difficult to make a decision without expert opinion. Since reference on various websites promoting has CellMass not been evaluated by the FDA individuals should discuss its use with a doctor before deciding to add it to their diet.