Subcutaneous Emphysema

Subcutaneous Emphysema
Subcutaneous Emphysema

subcutaneous emphysema refers to the presence of air or gas within the skin tissue layers. condition usually occurs when air escapes lungs or airways through a tear or puncture. a person may notice swelling in the neck and chest and palpable bubbles that makes a cracking noise when they are pressed against. in most cases subcutaneous emphysema although not hurt nor cause the major complications. the underlying cause is usually the biggest concern for doctors and treat it quickly is necessary to prevent serious heart or respiratory problems.
The most common symptoms are easily swelling chest and neck pain and difficulty breathing. crackling bubbles can usually be felt moved around and broken apart under the skin. chest x-rays and computerized CT scanning can be taken to determine the quantity and exact location of the air pockets.
Most cases of subcutaneous emphysema do not need to be treated directly. air bubbles tend to spread itself over a few hours while problems with the lungs and respiratory tract have already been corrected. If a small amount of air remains a physician may choose to create multiple small deep incision into the skin to allow gas to escape. catheter can be used to extract large amounts of air from the chest cavity and the surrounding skin tissue.
further treatment may be needed if there is enough in the air to put excessive pressure on the trachea or lungs. a chest tube may be inserted to suck out the chest cavity. a patient may need to use an oxygen mask or receive a breathing tube while subsequent repairs being done to the lungs and airways.

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