How To Keep A Hacker Diet Journal

How To Keep A Hacker Diet Journal
How To Keep A Hacker Diet Journal

The Hacker’s Diet author John Walker argues that Hacker’s Diet will teach you how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition. In reality the premise of this diet simple eat less food than your body needs. In addition to the diet he has a number of journals to keep track of weight loss and calories burned

– 1 –
Read Hacker’s Diet online book is a link in Resources to find out about the program. Make sure this is a diet program that you feel comfortable following.

– 2 –
Start an account online for Hacker’s Diet online journal. A link to the login page located in the Resources section. This is necessary to track your progress using spreadsheets and charts used in the Hacker’s Diet

– 3 –
Try to understand the instructions for reading the electronic journal and successfully enter your information. The instructions are complex. You need a substantial amount of uninterrupted time to understand them fully.

– 4 –
Weigh yourself every day and input numbers. Skipping just one day to enter information will change the overall results of the graphs.

– 5 –
Input workout rung every day if you want to track the training called. You do this by using the plus and minus signs.
Write some information about your diet or exercise for the day in the comments. One important thing for women to note in this section is when they are menstruating. Females tend to gain weight during menstruation.
Download information to a smart phone or PDA if desired. This feature makes it easier for individual users to journal. In addition this format is that the program was originally created.

Tips and Warnings

As an alternative to using the online method you can track your progress on a calendar at home by writing your weight on your calendar every day. When you do this figure out your total weight loss and write it down. Finally write down your total amount of training and any important notes for the day.