Health Tips For Weight Loss

Health Tips For Weight Loss
Health Tips For Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight you should also think about being healthy and not only see the numbers on the scale go down. Being healthy means getting into and staying in good physical condition as well as making good food choices
Be realistic
To lose weight to feel and be healthier is the best motivation you can have because you will be more likely to make long-term changes in your lifestyle. However if you just want to lose weight to look good on your cousin’s wedding which is three weeks away you may be dismayed to find that when the party is over the pounds come right back on.
Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 plan on losing only a pound or two each week. Every pound lost is equivalent to 3 500 calories less food you eat or more exercise you need to do. Ideally combine eating less with increased physical activity to ensure that you lose body fat not muscle. Diets that promise you to lose more than two pounds a week make you lose water or worse lean tissue and you will not be able to maintain weight loss. For pounds you lose to be excess fat not hard-earned muscle.
Combining diet and exercise
Combining a healthy diet with vigorous exercise is invaluable for weight loss plan. Why an energetic workout? Even with a leisurely walk is good for you emotionally and physically exercise makes sweat can help increase stamina raise your heart rate and burn many more calories. Even better on alternate days adding weight training for fitness plan to build muscle which burns more calories than fat so you will increase your basal metabolism. If you have not exercised in a long time or have a serious health condition consult with your doctor first.
A healthy diet emphasizes fresh fruits vegetables whole grains and lean meats. Prepare and eat food at home will ensure that you control portion size and ingredients since many restaurants and fast food meals can add extra sugar and fat for flavor. If you find that you eat more than you should have one meal do not let it stand in the way of your weight loss goals. Eat a little less over the next one or two meals and squeeze in a short walk to get moving. Remember the goal is to be healthy not just to fit into that cute outfit.
Get moral support
An exercise or diet partner will help you stay focused on making healthy changes. If you can not find a friend or relative locally that will provide you with moral support joining a weight loss support group. Today you have many options from local meetings where you can see other in person to Internet chat weight loss and diet forums. You can also embed your diet plan and progress if you want and let others see how much weight you lose.
A long distance friend may help too. Keep in touch with text messaging him about you worked out or not and offer him support for their weight loss goals. The most important thing for you to remember is that now your ideal weight will help you feel and look better than ever before so accept any support available to you in achieving your goal.