What Causes Fluid On The Knee

What Causes Fluid On The Knee
What Causes Fluid On The Knee

fluid on the knee is a term used to describe swelling at or around the knee. This condition sometimes causes pain or discomfort and swelling may or may not be noticeable. common causes of fluid on the knee include arthritis or traumatic injury involving the knee. treatment for fluid on the knee depends direct cause swelling and may involve the use of over-the-counter or prescription medications lifestyle changes or surgery.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an articular disease believed to be caused by a defective immune system. Symptoms often include pain swelling and weight loss. rheumatoid arthritis treatment usually involves the use of a combination of prescription drugs although surgery may sometimes be necessary.
traumatic injury involving the knee can lead to accumulation of fluid on the knee. this is most common in sports-related injuries although other factors including car accidents or serious falls may also be responsible for the development of this symptom. treatment in this case is dependent on the severity of the damage. medications or lifestyle changes can sometimes provide adequate symptom relief but surgery is especially common when fluid on the knee caused by a kind of traumatic injury.
Any time a patient begins experiencing possible symptoms of fluid on the knee such as pain or swelling a doctor should be consulted. that the proper treatment to begin should an accurate diagnosis is obtained. rest and use of medication is able to reduce inflammation in many cases. Sometimes injections directly into the knee helpful in treating this condition. In other situations the excess liquid could be drained from the knee.

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