Fundus Height

Fundus Height
Fundus Height

fundus height is a measure that can be taken during pregnancy to assess the growth of the fetus and the development of pregnancy. it is done by measuring from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and is usually played in a pregnant woman’s horoscope. Historically fundus height was one of the few ways to measure the development of pregnancy. Today other measures are available and it tends to be more accurate but they are not as fast and they can be costly.
a number of things can interfere with a fundus height measurement. sometimes it is done incorrectly causing differences in week to week measurements. if a woman has a full bladder the measurement can be switched off. likewise if she has thick uterine tissue has had a c- section or carrying twins. not all babies follow a growth curve perfect either so being slightly off is not a cause for concern. Finally in the last weeks of pregnancy the fetus begins to rise causing the fundus height to shrink.
but if fundus height is extremely out of the estimated age of the pregnancy or it is not in progress it may be a sign that there is a problem. fetus may be too large or may not grow enough as a result of medical complications. twins or multiples can also lead to a shift in the fundus height. if a woman’s pregnancy seems to be failing to proceed as expected a doctor may recommend diagnostic tests and more tests to learn more about what happens.
McDonald’s rule as fundus height is sometimes known can be a valuable tool for quickly assessing the development of a pregnancy without charge. experienced providers can also make measurements without a tape with your fingers as a guideline to see how much the womb has grown. For more accurate information please ultrasound to be used to image the uterus and see how it has grown.

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