What Is Halodrol?

What Is Halodrol?
What Is Halodrol?

Halodrol is a dietary supplement taken to increase muscle mass energy endurance and aerobic capacity. It is produced by Gaspari Nutrition of Lakewood NJ The company was founded by bodybuilder Rich Gaspari and produces a variety of dietary supplements marketed to bodybuilders
Halodrol is marketed as a hypertrophic substance ie one that triggers the rapid growth of muscles. The product also promises to reduce fat deposits especially around the abdomen and also notes that men between 25 and 45 years who take it may notice an increase in libido. Halodrol marketed under the additional advantage that it increases muscle gain without an increase in the water weight.
Halodrol comes in a liquid gel capsule form by 60 in a package. It is to be taken with water either three times daily one capsule at a time or once a day three capsules at a time. The product should be used for 6 to 12 weeks at a time followed by a six week break.
Halodrol liquid gels was preceded by a Gaspari product called Halodrol-50. The product was withdrawn from the market after The Washington Post published an article in 2005 stating that the product contained anabolic steroids. A survey by the Food and Drug Administration resulted.
Halodrol not recommended for people with heart disease high blood pressure kidney disease or mental disorders or thyroid. It is recommended only for those 18 and older.

Athletes who want to take Halodrol encouraged to clear their use of the product with their governing bodies as it may lead to failure in a urine or blood drug test.
Online reviews of the product varies greatly with some users saying Halodrol helped them to gain muscle and enhance performance quickly and others said there was no noticeable results and side effects such as diarrhea.