Liquid Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Liquid Detox Diet For Weight Loss
Liquid Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Detox diets are very popular among people who want to lose weight and lose it fast. Many celebrities have joined a number of detox cleanses and credit these diets in helping to get rid of pregnancy weight or excess pounds for a movie or trip. These diets are pretty straightforward but you must be aware of the dos and don’ts of these diets to use them safely and effectively
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Liquid Detox Premise
By replacing solid food with liquid your body does not need to use metabolic energy to break down complex carbohydrates and proteins. Protein in particular is very hard on the liver and kidneys. By consuming only water and juice nutrients go directly to the intestine to be absorbed. You will most likely consume less calories and draw on fat reserves for metabolic function thus burning off weight. In addition the body is able to release toxins that have built up and can flush them out. For many people they are able to lose five to 10 pounds a week detox.
In order to effectively make a liquid detox you need to prepare your body. Before detox you should eat only fresh fruits and vegetables at least two days. This prepares the stomach for less bulk and will help prepare you mentally for hunger.

There are many liquid detox diets but all work on the same premise. Replace solid food with fluids that help the body absorb nutrients more easily. Depending on your diet a detox last anywhere from one to 10 days. During this time use only water and juice. It is best to consume fresh juices because antioxidants degenerate quickly when exposed to air. Avoid processed juices that contain sugar or corn syrup as these hinder the process.

When finished with detox there is still work to do. You must reintroduce solid foods to your system. This may be the most frustrating part. Since you have survived not eat you will be tempted to chow down on the BLT at the nearest cafe. Not. Start with fresh fruit and vegetables on the first day and add small amounts of bread and meat on the other. This will also help to create a permanent adjustment of eating smaller now that the stomach is smaller.
Talk to your doctor before starting any detox diet then it may not be suitable for you. When making liquid detox diet know the body to release stored toxins that may be responsible for fatigue and lethargy in day-to-day endeavors. You may also feel sick. This is not unusual and will decline.

It is important to be aware of how your body reacts to detox. Feeling like you have a cold is normal. Do not plan a detox when you have a heavy schedule. Give yourself time to rest. Drink up to 3 liters of fluid per day. If you become lightheaded for a longer period or dizzy you should consult a doctor immediately. This may be a result of an electrolyte imbalance caused by too much fluid and not enough minerals.