Anise Oil Use

Anise Oil Use
Anise Oil Use

Anise oil is a pale yellow oil steam distilled from the seeds of Illicium verum a small evergreen native to China. The oil has a warm sweet licorice scent that is sometimes used in perfumes. Anise oil also has been used since ancient times for a variety of other purposes
The licorice scent of anise oil makes it useful as a flavoring for candy. It is also used to flavor tobacco products mouthwashes and toothpastes. The ancient Romans flavored a cake with anise oil and served it for celebrations such as weddings it may have been flavoring used in the first wedding cakes
This oil is sometimes used as an herbal remedy for digestion. problems like cramps nausea and flatulence. There is a folk remedy for colic in infants. Anise oil can be added to laxatives to facilitate cramps caused by laxatives. It can prevent vomiting and is said to cure insatiable thirst and even hangover. Anise oil should not be used by people with acid reflux disease.
When its vapors are inhaled or if it is taken in a syrup anise oil may help treat coughs bronchitis and asthma. It is considered an expectorant helps loosen phlegm. In Ayurvedic medicine aniseed oil used as an antihistamine. It is thought to stimulate the heart brain liver and lungs to treat fever and swelling and increase blood pressure. As an aromatherapy oil the anise oil is useful for dizziness motion sickness and vertigo.
This oil is used to relieve menstrual cramps and pain of labor and birth. It is said to encourage lactation and to bring on menstruation. Anise oil has a mild estrogenic effects of hormones and should not be used in patients with estrogen-sensitive cancers
Anise oil can be used in such applications as an eye wash ;. Mixed with eucalyptus as a chest rub or soaked in a cotton pad to temporarily relieve the pain of cavities. The oil is a mosquito can be used to treat skin parasites as scabies and head lice.
The scent of anise oil attracts dogs (and sometimes have a catniplike effect on them) it is used to stimulate quitting in puppies and scent of rabbit” -it padded bait used in training racing greyhounds. It also attracts fish and can be used as mousetrap bait. Anise oil is sometimes given to dairy goats and cows to increase milk production and to treat colic in animals. But oil is toxic to pigeons and some other birds.
Anise oil is thought to contribute to relaxation and emotional well-being. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac. The ancient Greeks believed anise oil on a pillow would prevent bad dreams. And some people think anise oil can keep away “evil eye.”