Eating Out Without Gaining Weight

Eating Out Without Gaining Weight
Eating Out Without Gaining Weight

Do not you just love to eat out at a restaurant? You get to relax. You do not have to cook. You do not need to wash some dishes. You can have the food you want and so can the rest of your family. Trouble is that eating out is so much fun that we tend to exaggerate ;. We tend to overeat
We all want to lose weight right? Still we do not want to completely cut out the fun of eating out once in a while. If you follow these simple steps you might not have to stop eating out and you still will not gain weight.
You need:
. Water.

– 1 –
Plan what you want to order before you get to the restaurant. If you’ve been there before chances are you know what they serve. Think about what you can eat and enjoy it will not completely blow all previous hard work of dieting.

– 2 –
If you’ve been especially good at dieting and exercising allow yourself a treat item. It’s not like you’re planning to eat out every night right?

– 3 –
Sit in a quiet place. Do not sit near windows or in front of any television sets. You do not want to be disturbed at what is happening around you and forget and eat too much right?

– 4 –
Book first. If you book for everyone else and they order tempting fries or other tasty dishes you will be more inclined to give into temptation and say I’ll have what he / she has too.

Eat slowly. Remember good manners. Do not talk with your mouth full. Chew. Make your food last.
Make sip of the cold water that is offered with the meal. It will help you fill up faster.
Must stay away from tempting bread.

Tips and Warnings

Think about what you can eat before you arrive restarurant
Order before others.
Do not starve yourself before the meal.”