Protein Diet To Lose Weight

Protein Diet To Lose Weight
Protein Diet To Lose Weight

Protein is essential in a weight loss diet because it suppresses appetite by keeping you fuller longer and it helps build muscles which in turn speeds up even your resting metabolism and burns fat. While it is important to have a balanced diet that includes fruits vegetables and whole grains a diet high in protein is thought by many experts to help weight loss. There are several ways you can get an adequate amount of protein in your diet
Meat and fish
Meat and fish are well known sources of protein and it may not be necessary to always stick with lean cuts. Many oily fish such as for example sardines tuna and salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids which can have a positive effect on metabolism and weight loss. When it comes to meat sticking with lean cuts of turkey chicken beef and even pork will help you build muscle and keep you feeling full.
Eggs are another excellent source of protein. Egg yolk contains cholesterol but unless you’re trying to lower your cholesterol experts say that eating one whole egg in the morning can help you lose weight according to Self Magazine a study from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge showed that women who ate one egg each morning lost twice as much weight as those who went without. Egg protein makes you feel fuller longer so eat eggs in the morning can result in you eating less throughout the day. Veggie omelets with a little bit of low-fat cheese for calcium scrambled hard boiled eggs and eggs with whole wheat toast are all good ideas menu.
Nuts and Beans
Nuts and beans are a source of protein pack not only a protein punch but is full of other nutrients. Some nuts including walnuts also contain healthy omega-3s. Beans are not only protein-rich but fiber-rich too which also keep you feeling fuller longer and aids in digestion. Fiber is also thought to help stop the body absorb some of the fat during digestion. Good nuts to try almonds (which helps to counteract the effects of sugar on insulin levels) walnuts (which are high in omega-3s) and peanuts. Good beans to eat are black beans and pinto beans have the highest fiber of all prayers but another type of bean such as soya Lima and lens to deliver a large amount of protein and fiber.