Causes Of Gonorrhea

Causes Of Gonorrhea
Causes Of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria is sexually transmitted and a person may contract gonorrhea during vaginal or anal sex. he may even subcontract an oral form of the disease through oral-to- genital contact. sometimes the infection is also transmitted from a mother to her child. in such a case the child contracts gonorrhea as he moves through the vaginal canal during childbirth.
interestingly women are more vulnerable to the causes of gonorrhea than men. a woman usually has more than double the chance of contracting gonorrhea through sexual intercourse than a man does. this is a disturbing fact that the symptoms of gonorrhea in a woman can be harder to detect than those affecting man. some infected women do not develop symptoms at all. this can cause some women to go for an extended period without treatment and lack of treatment can contribute to health complications.
gonorrhea is not transmitted exclusively through sexual activity between heterosexual partners. people who have sex with same-sex partners are at risk as well. this is due to the fact that the bacteria that cause gonorrhea can infect more than just the genitals. they can also infect the throat and anus.
Fortunately gonorrhea can be cured. usually a person who is infected with gonorrhea given an injection of antibiotics to fight bacteria. sometimes however is an oral antibiotic used instead. contracting gonorrhea does not create immunity against the causes of gonorrhea. a person who has been cured of the disease can pull it again.
preventing gonorrhea does prevent the bacteria that causes it. this can be achieved by use of condoms and barriers by oral sex. limiting sexual partners and insist on sexually transmitted disease testing before sex with a new partner can prevent the spread of the disease as well.

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