Blood Type Diet Food

Blood Type Diet Food
Blood Type Diet Food

The blood type of food diet more popularly known as Eat Right for Your Type” diet was developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. As the name suggests eat a supporter of the diet certain foods but refrains from others based on their individual blood type. This diet is based on D’Adamo’s theory caused by genetic inheritance a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and food
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According to D’Adamo a chemical reaction occurs in the bloodstream after the food is consumed because of lectins. Lectins are proteins found in food that affects blood. Depending on the type lectin this chemical reaction will be beneficial or detrimental to the body. The “Eat Right for Your Type” diet purports to restore the body’s natural genetic rhythm by ensuring the individual only eats foods that provide positive chemical reactions.

Foods are classified into three groups: highly beneficial food allowed food and forbidden foods. As their names suggest food in very favorable category act as medicine while foods in the forbidden foods category act as a poison. Permitted foods are neutral.
type O
Type O’s thrive on animal proteins alkaline fruits such as berries and plums and intense physical exercise. However Type O’s severely limit or completely eliminate the use of dairy products and eggs especially if the individual is of African descent. Cabbage mustard greens cauliflower and Brussels sprouts must also be avoided by Type O is due to Type O’s tend to have problems with the thyroid gland. Lastly you need cereal bread and legumes limited initially and during periods of weight loss as these foods cause Type O’s gaining weight. However the grain bread and legumes can be eaten in a limited fashion with Type O term.
type A
Type A’s flourish on an organic vegetarian diet with gentle exercise. Therefore Type A is severely limiting or eliminating meat from the diet and severely limit the consumption of dairy products. Vegetables should be the main source of food in the Type A diet but potatoes sweet potatoes yams should cabbage tomatoes and peppers avoided like lectins in those foods are not compatible with Type A blood. Acidic fruits like mangoes papayas and oranges should also be avoided. The perfect Type A diet consisting of tofu vegetables legumes and alkaline fruit.
type B
Type B’s thrive on a diet that is balanced and healthy with moderate exercise. Deepwater fish fruit vegetables and dairy products are the most beneficial for Type B’s. However chicken shellfish nuts seeds and tomatoes must be strictly avoided as their lectins are not compatible with type B blood. Type B is should also avoid corn buckwheat lentils peanuts and sesame seeds during periods of weight loss that these foods cause Type B is gaining weight.
type AB
Type AB’s flourish mostly vegetarian diet with soothing exercise. Just Type A’s should tofu be a diet staple for Type AB’s. Grains especially rice fruits and vegetables should make up the majority of Type AB diet with legumes nuts and seeds eaten sparingly and with caution. In addition Type AB’s drink hot water with the juice of half a lemon every morning before eating.
The Eat Right for Your Type diet has been criticized for lack of scientific studies and published evidence supporting it. Opponents generally claim no plausible justification for diet exists in the medical community.”