How To Remove Trans Fats From A Lunch

How To Remove Trans Fats From A Lunch
How To Remove Trans Fats From A Lunch

It is the meal taken from a greasy bag on the way to and from the office. Those with much less time simply tear something out of the vending machine. For many this is lunch and it is chock full of trans fats. Follow the steps below to ensure that your next lunchtime meal is trans fat free
Eat outside

– 1 –
Avoid fried food. Although they are the most convenient item on the menu fried foods are not the only items that are served for lunch. Look for dishes that are not swimming in liquid fat.

– 2 –
Scan menu dishes that are raw baked or grilled. All fast food joints these days offers a lowfat menu. It may take a few seconds longer to prepare but the longer the wait will drag your waistline.

– 3 –
Go online. Little research before you go out will go a long way. You can find nutritional information for some of your favorite fast food joints. You can also find items on the menu that are trans fat free!

– 1 –
Think ahead . . Pack a lunch. The best way to control your intake of healthy trans fat free food is to prepare food yourself. Pack sandwiches that have meats such as turkey and pack the vegetables: cucumbers tomatoes lettuce even apples are good on a cold cut sandwich go wild
. . bypass pre-packaged foods. You know the ones-chips Bologna packs lunch with cheese stacks. All these have trans fats. As a matter of fact according to health writer Jean Wiess the more the food is processed the greater the likelihood that it will contain trans fats.

– 3 –
Choose accessories wisely. Mayonaise are loaded with trans fats. Selects a trans fat free version or a replacement. Also avoid processed cheese and toppings and anything that contains hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

Tips and Warnings

FDA allows food manufacturers to require trans fat free if their product contains 0.5 grams of trans fat or less so read the ingredient lists to be sure.

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