What Are The Benefits Of A B12 Shot?

What Are The Benefits Of A B12 Shot?
What Are The Benefits Of A B12 Shot?

Vitamin B12 also called cobalamin is an essential vitamin important for body function. It helps keep nerve cells and red blood cells healthy. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in certain foods such as mollusks beef liver and some fish. Even cereals can be fortified with it. Many people can not get enough levels of B12 from diet alone and supplement with vitamin pills. In recent years the benefits of B12 sparked public interest with many people get regular injections of B12 in hopes of maintaining good health.
The most obvious use for supplements of B12 vitamins are for people who are deficient in it. Cobalamin is stored for a long time in organs like the liver and kidneys so it may take years to notice any kind of deficiency. Symptoms of B12 deficiency can be anemia mental confusion similar to Alzheimer’s disease asthma depression and other complications. Certain groups such as the elderly and vegetarians may be at greater risk for B12 deficiency.
There is a possibility that vitamin B12 injections can help children suffering from autism. Several individual cases have been reported where the patient seemed to improve after regularly received the injection. A study conducted by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Lesley J. Deprey Ph. D. of the University of California at Davis did not confirm these claims however. The study which examined the effects of B12 injections on 14 subjects found no scientific evidence to support this idea. But some patients better. There are plans for future studies to investigate the effect of injection on several subjects.
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Vitamin B12 injections along with other vitamin supplements can be used to treat patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This is a disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and pain that is not helped by rest. It adversely affects the livelihood of many people a majority of them women. Research conducted by Dr. Melvyn Werbach UCLA School of Medicine have shown that CFS sufferers have more vitamin deficiency including various B vitamins. Studies of supplemental injections to treat the disorder have been inconclusive. But Werbach and other doctors frequently prescribe supplement for ME / CFS patients because it appears to help and it is relatively harmless.
Heart Disease
Vitamin B12 supplements can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. This is because high homocysteine ??levels are often found in the blood of people suffering from B12 deficiency. According to American Family Physician” journal the evidence suggests that having high levels of this amino acid can put you at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Therefore supplementing with B12 reduce the risk.
Alzheimer’s Disease
A study conducted at the University of Milan Italy concluded that B12 deficiency is associated with higher levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha). High levels of TNF-alpha may accelerate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore supplementation of B12 injections actually reverse these harmful effects and slow the disease. Interestingly TNF-alpha also faster progression of HIV to AIDS so B12 supplementation may also be useful in those cases.”