Healthy Diet For Colon

Healthy Diet For Colon
Healthy Diet For Colon

Also known as the colon the colon is the portion of the digestive system which separates water and salts from the body. Once this process is complete solid waste expelled. As in a pipe system the food that is eaten will help keep waste moving through the colon making it important to follow a healthy diet to prevent conditions such as constipation and diarrhea
You need:.
Will Power.

Start with dietary fiber
Proper intake of dietary fiber is crucial to a healthy diet for colon. Fiber is not absorbed by the body but instead binds with waste in the body and helps them to be quickly eliminated.

The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine provides the following recommendations for fiber intake:
?? Men 50 and under: 38g
?? men 51 and over: 30g
?? Women 50 years and under: 25g
?? Women 51 and over: 21g
Finding the Right Sources
There are two types of fiber which can be used in the body: soluble (dissolved in water) and insoluble (does not dissolve in water). Both are important for body function but insoluble fiber is particularly useful for relieving constipation or irregularities.

The best sources of insoluble fiber comes from whole-wheat flour wheat bran nuts and some fruits. Some of the highest sources of fiber are yellow peas (1 cup: 16. 3g) kidney beans (1 cup: 13. 1g) and raw raspberries (1 cup: 8. 0g).
Boost Nutrients
The colon also require certain nutrients and even healthy bacteria such as lactobacilli which can increase colon health by destroying harmful bacteria in the colon such as E. coli and salmonella. Foods that raise healthy bacteria include asparagus onion garlic and yogurt

Try to incorporate these and other high-fiber foods in your diet by :.
?? eat a serving of low-fat yogurt every day
?? snacking on fresh fruits and raw vegetables
?? eating a cereal that contains five or more grams of fiber
Foods to Avoid
When you enter more high-fiber foods in your diet try to avoid certain foods that can affect the colon function. Foods high in trans fats such as pre-packaged desserts potato chips and fast-food meals may slow colon function. Coffee black tea and soft drinks also can affect the colon function and should be avoided.