How To Remove Body Triglycerides?

How To Remove Body Triglycerides?
How To Remove Body Triglycerides?

Triglycerides 😕 Good for you
The word triglyceride” is not usually used positively in discussions for heart disease and diabetes. Physicians are concerned triglyceride levels in patients with these conditions. Yet triglycerides are also good for you. So how the body handle excess triglycerides?
What are triglycerides?
Triglycerides are a chemical compound made of fatty acids. They make up most of the fat that people consume. When the body burns calories it needs for energy and have leftovers it transforms itself into triglycerides and stores them in fat cells for future use. In this way triglycerides are important for your health. However you have too many triglycerides in your body greatly contribute to metabolic syndrome which puts you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. Experts at the American Heart Association says that a triglyceride level of more than 150 mg is considered high.
Normal Metabolism and Exercise
The body gets rid of triglycerides through regular metabolism if all the agencies working at normal levels. In normal metabolism where the only caloric intake is what is used by the body excess triglycerides combined with waste in the small intestine.

Regular exercise can also get rid of excess triglycerides. Exercise that burns calories than your body normally uses causes a chemical change in triglycerides. Exercise changes them to acetyl CoA a chemical used for energy production. The acetyl is combined with oxygen which then becomes carbon dioxide and water which is burned in exercise.
help your body
The largest contributor to excess triglycerides are obesity. Besides exercise adjust your diet can also help your body in getting rid of triglycerides. Your body still needs sugar and complex carbohydrates found in fruits vegetables and legumes. Processed sugars and carbohydrates but can make the body’s blood sugar spike and start storing it in your fat cells. Get rid of sweets and processed carbohydrates (found in syrup and almost every ingredient that ends in “-ose”) and sticking to the ‘good’ sugar may help the body get rid of excess triglycerides. Trans fats should also be removed.”