How To Gain Weight By Not Eating

How To Gain Weight By Not Eating
How To Gain Weight By Not Eating

This seems strange or backward. But for those of us who want to lose weight we actually gain weight by not eating or eating less. Therefore we must eat to have a successful weight loss program

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How do we weight by not eating?
There are two main ways we gain weight by eating less. First it is our body’s natural defense against hunger. When there is a drastic reduction of the number of calories you normally eat your metabolism will slow down you will have less energy and your body will burn less fat. Therefore little food you eat your body will store more for later use causes weight gain.

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How we gain weight by eating less.
The second way we weight by eating less is the way we eat. Many people feel if they skip a meal or two during the day they can lose weight. The opposite happens. Just as in step one body begins to save causing weight gain. We also tend to eat more at one sitting when we skip meals. Therefore it is more food to save while the body is in starvation mode”.

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How to eat less and lose weight?
To really lose weight by eating less you should eat smaller meals five to six times a day. The smaller meals more often reduces the chance to overeat because you are not hungry. This also keeps your metabolism higher and you burn more calories and fat of the little because you have eaten smaller portions.

Tips and Warnings

Eat smaller portions 5 to 6 times a day.
Avoid skipping meals
Avoid eating a lot at one sitting.”