What To Eat On The Second Phase Of The Atkins Diet

What To Eat On The Second Phase Of The Atkins Diet
What To Eat On The Second Phase Of The Atkins Diet

Phase 2 of the Atkins diet is the ongoing weight loss phase. This phase of the diet provides people with a few more carbohydrates than the more restrictive induction phase. You can add 5 additional net carbs per day to the diet which amounts to 25 net carbs a day. You can still eat the same foods from induction along with some of the previously forbidden foods
Now that you are in Phase 2 you can have certain fruits in small portions. A number of berries is allowed: strawberries blueberries blackberries and raspberries. Make sure you choose wisely and stay within 25 net carbs per day. Blueberries have a tendency to be higher in carbohydrates than other berries. For example ¼ cup blueberries 5.1 net carbs while a ¼ cup of strawberries has only 2.6 net carbs. In addition to berries cantaloupe and honeydew melon can also be added to your diet. Net carb count on cantaloupe melon or honeydew is 3.5 carbs per ¼ cup. Because of the high net carbs avoid watermelons oranges apples and other fruits that are not mentioned here in phase two. You can however have lemon juice lime juice and tomato juice in small quantities for flavoring recipes. When in pre-maintenance stage of Phase 3 extra fruits can be added in small portions.
Nuts and seeds
During Phase 2 the nuts and seeds eaten in small portions. Nuts such as almonds cashews pecans and walnuts provide a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Be sure to look at the net carbohydrate content because the number of carbohydrates can add up quickly. Seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin are also acceptable foods in phase two.
Nutrition Bars
Once you have entered Phase 2 the low carb nutrition bars also implemented in your diet plan. When buying low carb bars from retail and health food be sure to read the labels. Sugar alcohols are often added to low carb nutrition bars that can cause intestinal problems for many individuals and also stall weight loss in some.