How To Cheat On Your Diet Every Day And Still Lose Weight

How To Cheat On Your Diet Every Day And Still Lose Weight
How To Cheat On Your Diet Every Day And Still Lose Weight

It’s hard enough to lose weight so do we really unrealistic diets that do not allow us to eat things that we like? Ridiculous restriction almost always leads to failure so why not allow yourself to cheat and still see results

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First and foremost you need to know how much you can cheat. Likewise you need to know how many miles per gallon your car gets you must know how many calories you can eat every day and still lose weight. A simple calculator can be found at http: // Nutrition. about. com

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Next you need to know the calorie value of the food you eat. Many people say I do not want to count calories but again it’s the same as saying ‘I do not want to know how much gas I need in my car. “If you keep a food log tracking everything you eat each day along with their caloric value (easy to do at www. kicks people. com) for a week you will be well equipped to easily “guesstimate” of that time how many calories a particular food has. Trust me it will become second nature !

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Once you know how many calories you can eat each day based on your desired weight figure 10% of the calories as your daily cheats. In other words if you eat 1 700 calories a day 170 of these will cheat calories. How many people would like to say that they ate healthy 90% of each day? Much easier to do that if you plan for your impostor.

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To plan ahead find out what your cheats will be before the day starts. Otherwise it is easy to “overcheat”. Choose what will meet your regular cravings and when you are usually the most susceptible. For example if you always want something sweet immediately after lunch at work pack some Hershey’s Kisses in packed lunch. If you always like a crunchy / salty snacks with your sandwich measure out how many chips you should have with it-don’t take the whole bag with you. Of course you can make your cheat healthier by choosing low fat low sugar options. Why not try a chocolate protein drink if you like sweets or baked vegetable chips if you need a crunch?

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Make sure the other 90% of the calories are as close to nature as possible and untreated. Fruits vegetables low fat dairy and meat and whole grains are foods that allow you to cheat well so be sure you fill the rest of the day with them. You’ll soon find that your “diet” has become your “live it” and that you can maintain a healthy weight for life.

Tips and Warnings

always discuss the appropriate amount of weight loss with your doctor.”