Eating More Silicon

Eating More Silicon
Eating More Silicon

Silicon also known as beauty mineral” or “surgeon of the body is an essential mineral in the body and helps to make up the skin teeth hair nails muscles and connective tissue. Important for the production of collagen in the skin build strong bones and teeth and eliminate toxins from the body eat more silicon can really help to keep you young

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Increase intake of silicon especially if you are at risk or suffering from hypertension atherosclerosis disorders Alzheimer’s premature aging insomnia or brittle hair and nails. Silicon deficiencies are most quickly noted in the quality of hair skin and nails but prolonged deficiency can lead to serious problems
Reduce your intake of refined foods that process. . Refining destroys or reduces the content of silicon. When filling the grocery cart choose whole unrefined grains fresh raw fruits and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds.

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Drink silicon which studies have shown that water coffee tea and even beer are wonderful sources of silicon. Just remember one beer per day enough to get silicone so do not overdo it.

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Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods such as silicon is found in the fibrous parts of plants including grains nuts seeds fruits and vegetables.

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Include some of the best sources of silicon in the daily diet to both increase your health and prevent deficiencies. The best sources of silicon are asparagus barley oatmeal strawberries sprouted seeds and beans celery nuts carrots spinach figs fish grapes apples eggs chickweed cleavers and horsetail.”