Home Fetal Doppler

Home Fetal Doppler
Home Fetal Doppler

Doctors have used Doppler fetal monitors since the early 1960s as an integral part of prenatal wellness exams. it uses ultrasonic technology or high-frequency sound waves to detect a fetal heartbeat calculate the number of beats per minute and reinforce subtle pulsations making rhythm audible. audio output of the device also allows others in the room to hear the baby’s heartbeat. advent of home fetal Doppler has created a way for parents to be to get reassurance that the baby are doing well. it can also be a powerful bonding tool.
easy to use compact and noninvasive this battery-powered device is usually easy and can be used almost anywhere. some pocket-sized varieties of home Fetal Doppler machine weighing less than £ 1 (. 45 kg) while other types can be as heavy as 7 lbs (3 17 kg). Most of them are equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen that displays a reading of how many times a child’s heart beats per minute. fetal sounds can also be heard through a speaker or headphones.
Most home Fetal Doppler monitors used with ultrasound gel to detect sounds in the womb but not all models require it. a probe or wand are usually placed on the woman’s stomach after applying the gel which makes it easier for the microphone to pick up sound that sends to the speakers. there are several manufacturers that incorporate recording capabilities into the device so that parents have a unique sound memento of pregnancy after the baby is born.
there are many different varieties of home fetal Doppler devices available on the market. depending on the sensitivity of the device marked and other factors prices can vary greatly. professional devices which are generally more expensive is often possible to rent for a monthly fee. otherwise home devices can be purchased online or at many stores that cater to expectant mothers.

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