Role Papain

Role Papain
Role Papain

Papain comes from the papaya tree and is one of the most popular protein-cleaving enzyme because of its immense commercial value. It is used for various functions to tenderize meat defibrinating wounds in hospital clots milk indigestion medicine shrink proofing wool and treatment of jellyfish and insect stings corneal scar deformation edemas and inflammatory processes. Since the 1750s presence and benefits of proteases in papaya fruit has been documented. In the 1870s the importance of enzymes found in papaya have been used for food and medicinal functions.
popular cheap Cure-All
Papain is an inexpensive readily produced enzyme or complex molecules that speed up chemical reactions in a cell. Although some people are allergic most successfully been treated for ulcers had swelling reduced and even had a derivative of Papain injected slipped spinal discs or pinched nerves. Papain of ingestion has a soothing effect on the stomach and aids in protein digestion. However this is only for the enzyme itself and not any medicine that Papain Foam Allanzyme KOVI or Papfyll which is especially for digestion. The enzyme works by breaking down dead skin and pus which greatly aids recovery time for open wounds. If also reduces wound infection and odor.
The papaya plant and fruit contains two enzymes papain and chymopapain. Chymopapain has been found in a larger dose but papain is 200 percent more potent. In 1933 Sri Lanka the leading commercial provider of papain but within five years East Africa started commercial production and is currently the world’s largest supplier.
History of Folk Remedies
For centuries people used papaya and leaves in folk medicine. It was put on boils warts and freckles. There are records in India and Ghana that was spent on the uterus to induce abortion. Unripe fruits and seeds were sometimes taken for an abortion. The roots were prepared to cure roundworms. The leaves were wrapped around the meat to soften it they were used as soap and dried and smoked to relieve asthma.
Diverse Uses
Papain is considered such a cure-all that within the same country it can be sold in health food stores as a tea a laxative a treatment for genitourinary problems and an aid in abortions.
FDA Warning
In the United States warned FDA companies to stop marketing topical drugs containing papain by the end of 2008 due to reports of permanent vision loss severe drop in blood pressure and increased heart rate.