How Many Calories Do Seated Burn?

How Many Calories Do Seated Burn?
How Many Calories Do Seated Burn?

sit still
Sit quietly without any other activity such as reading speaking or writing burns about 84 calories per hour based on a body weight of 150 pounds. Watching TV meditating and listening to music are activities usually included in sitting still.
Sit and read
While you sit and read quietly burns an average person a little more calories than while sitting still amounting to about 88 calories per hour. Difficult to read where the person has to concentrate intensely burn a few more calories per hour than simple reading since brain activity actually burns calories.
Sitting and working on a computer
Working on a computer while sitting burns about 102 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the work. If other activity that shuffling files filing while sitting or moving around to answer phones are included up to 170 calories can be burned per hour.
Sitting and talking on the phone
Talking on the phone while sitting burns as many calories as working at a computer with an average of 102 calories per hour burned. Gesturing raising his voice or get excited can increase calories burned to about 120 per hour.
Sit and eat
Although it seems funny calories are burned when you eat. A person sits and eats burns about 130 calories per hour or equivalent to one half of a candy bar.