Green Tea Diet Instructions

Green Tea Diet Instructions
Green Tea Diet Instructions

Green tea diets have become very popular and known for its weight loss properties. Green tea helps people lose weight by offering a natural weight loss supplement to their diets. This tea contains natural caffeine and catechins which both promotes an increase in metabolism and fat burning. Moreover it is rich in antioxidants that purified harmful toxins from the body. A green tea diet is relatively easy to follow as it is completely natural and only requires a few instructions
How much green tea to drink?
You should drink between three and six cups of green tea per day on a green tea diet. Green tea contains naturally a small amount of caffeine which is a stimulant that can suppress appetite. Drinking green tea will make you feel less hungry and gives you energy to start. However you should not consume more than about six cups per day so you do not spend too much caffeine and experience caffeine overdose side effects.
When to drink green tea?
The best times to drink green tea in the morning and between meals. Green tea is ideal in the morning because caffeine will stimulate you for the day. Likewise if you drink it between meals you will have more energy and can not feel the need to snack. However drinking green tea late in the afternoon or at night. Otherwise as with other beverages containing caffeine you may have trouble sleeping
avoid Additives
Your goal is to lose weight . Therefore you should not add fattening ingredients to green tea. Additives such as honey sugar milk cream and creamers all contain calories and should be used sparingly or completely avoided. If you can try drinking green tea plain. Green tea actually has a pleasant taste if you buy a high grade rich in catechins. The simple fact is that if you add calories each cup of tea you drink it prevents dieting goals.