What Is A Superfood?

What Is A Superfood?
What Is A Superfood?

Super nutritious has healing food been consumed for centuries for its health benefits. As research confirms the power of these superfoods people all over the world are reaping its benefits. Scientists continue to uncover the mechanisms that food provides healing powers which offers medical professionals the opportunity to incorporate them as part of their treatment for those suffering from major illnesses. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently include super foods as part of their treatment regimen.
According to the International Food Information Council and Healthy Eating Made Easy fruits and vegetables classified as superfoods provide high levels of antioxidants vitamins minerals fiber and phytochemicals (compounds which protect against disease). Turkey is another food source meet prerequisite “superfood” ingredients because it is low in fat and calories. Salmon qualify for the list because it contains polyunsaturated fats beneficial to maintain heart health.
In its list of the 10 healthiest foods and the health benefits of eating them containing Healthy Eating Made Easy berries oranges and grapefruit. Spinach makes the list because it contains chemical components to better eye health. The potent antioxidants in tomatoes is said to give them the ability to prevent certain types of cancer.
Superfoods have the ability to prevent stop reverse or cure disease assisting in weight control and slow aging. A study by Rui Hai Liu Department of Nutrition Cornell University as reported by The Journal of Nutrition claims that diets high in fruits vegetables and whole grains reduce the possibility of getting cancer and heart disease. It also says that about a third of all cancer deaths could be eliminated through a change in diet.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America cites benefits found in six categories of superfoods. The credit apples apricot citrus fruits fish and green tea with the ability to retard the growth of tumors. Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage is said to contain organic compound indole allows your body to produce more enzymes that provide protection against cancer. Yogurt another superfood that provides health benefits are proven to slow the progression of tumors in the digestive tract and support the immune system in the destruction of active tumors.
There are between 10 and 20 superfoods. With its ability to protect against disease and slow aging including superfoods as part of a regular diet promises a healthier more fulfilling lives.
Nutrition experts Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health Jeffrey Blumberg a nutrition professor at Tufts University in Boston and Colleen Doyle director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer Society offered opinions to USA Today on superfoods. Experts agree that claims of superfoods can be misleading. Theory is often mixed with the positive results of research to give the impression that verified facts are presented. The nutritionists also voice concern that people will assume superfoods can serve as a sole source of nutrition at the expense of other important nutrients.”