The Best Calorie Counting Websites

The Best Calorie Counting Websites
The Best Calorie Counting Websites

Counting calories helps you take control of your weight by making you accountable for everything you eat. . Using a calorie-counting site is an easy way to keep track of your eating you. These sites allow you to count calories carbs and fat grams without pain of looking up each food in a book or performing pesky well.
Spark People my nutrition” tool that keeps track of calories a “my fitness” tool that logs your training and a goal tracker. The site also offers an active forums motivation-based articles and blog posts recipes and a library of workouts and exercise demonstrations.
Fit Day
Fit Day lets you track your diet and exercise using a library of more than 1 000 foods. The free account includes long-term diet analysis a goal tracker and a detailed breakdown of all foods in the library. The “premium” account contains further analysis reports and the ability to custom tracking statistics that protein intake it is also free of ads.
The Daily Plate
The Daily Plate offers a library of more than 670 000 food items and 1 500 activities plus tools to help you determine an appropriate calorie goal and “MyPlate Calorie Counter” which tracks food intake and displays calories fat carbohydrates sugars fiber cholesterol sugar and protein as well as totals in these areas. Users can purchase a gold membership to eliminate ads and add badges custom goals and the ability to export and download maps.
My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal has a database of more than 160 000 food items and allows you to track calorie intake and calorie burn. The site offers badges for your blog or website weight loss tickers and “MyFitnessPal Mobile” an app for iPhone and Android. All the tools on the site is free.”