How Many Calories I Burn Everyday?

How Many Calories I Burn Everyday?
How Many Calories I Burn Everyday?

Even during sleep you burn calories. A calorie is the common name of an entity food energy which creates heat in your body. When you consume more calories than you burn your weight will increase. High activity requires more energy then you will burn calories faster while participating in physical exercise
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Everything you do even drawing a breath takes energy. The body is like a car requires fuel as food to run efficiently. But unlike a car you can overload the body with food energy and when this happens your body stores extra fuel as fat reserves. By monitoring how many calories you consume and how many you burn daily you can change your lifestyle to achieve the desired body weight.
How much do you weigh now contributes to the rate at which you burn calories. While it is more complicated equations a simple method to determine how many calories you burn on a daily basis is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). To calculate your BMR multiply your current weight by 10. If you weigh 125 pounds will be BMR 1250. Player However your physical activity is also a part.
Your activity level indicates how many extra calories you burn. Once you’ve found your BMR multiply it by 20 percent if you are sedentary with 37.5 per cent if you are slightly active with 40 per cent if you are fairly active or multiply it by 50 per cent if you are a very active person. This number tells you how many calories you burn on a daily basis. Now multiply your BMR by 10 percent to allow calorie burned during digestion and add the numbers together.
The sum of these numbers is the amount of calories you burn each day. In the example your BMR in 1250 and you are somewhat active then you will multiply in 1250 by 40 percent and get 500. Then multiply 1250 by 10 percent for the digestive rate and you will get 125. Now add the three numbers together and you get 1875. This is the approximate number of calories your body burns daily. You can use a handy online calculator to find your BMR and calorie-burning rate (see Resources).
This equation is only one of many methods to determine how many calories you burn daily. In addition the body speed that burns calories increases with a higher percentage of muscle to fat ratio. Besides stress or an illness can change your metabolic rate (see Resources).
Once you find your BMR you can adjust your weight by increasing or decreasing the activity level and caloric intake. A half kilo of fat equals 3 500 calories. Using the example above for a 125-kg woman she will remain the same weight when using the 1875 calories a day. However she will lose half kilogram a week by consuming 500 fewer calories per day (3 500 calories divided by 7) or by using a combination of eating fewer calories and increasing her activity level.