Risks And Complications From A Gastric Bypass

Risks And Complications From A Gastric Bypass
Risks And Complications From A Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass even laparoscopic is major surgery. Although considered not riskier than hip replacement complications still occur and patients should be well informed on how to minimize risks
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Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure used to treat morbid obesity defined as 100 or more pounds overweight. Gastric bypass can also be used to treat those with less than 100 pounds overweight if they have a simultaneous severe medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes.
Significant Risks
Death from gastric bypass is rare with two primary reasons. One is leakage along the staple or suture line leading to infection or abscess. The second is the development of a blood clot that moves to the brain heart or lungs.
Common Short-term Complications
Many patients encounter some minor complications during recovery including smaller incision infection excess gas and nausea.
Long Term Risk
Gastric bypass patients are at increased risk for anemia due to poor absorption of several basic nutrients including iron folic acid calcium and B12. Dumping syndrome inability to tolerate sugar is another frequent and lifelong complication.
Gastric bypass should not be implemented without a thorough understanding of the procedure the recovery process changes in lifestyle and risk.