How To Use The Gym Without Being Rude

How To Use The Gym Without Being Rude
How To Use The Gym Without Being Rude

whether a pro or a beginner to exercise at the gym there is always common courtesy and common sense rules that should be followed because if you do not mind the gym can be a very dangerous place. There are germs bacteria and rude people abound throughout the gym. Here is a set of guidelines to help you have a productive workout every time
You need:.
Common sense
. a towel.
flip flops.

– 1 –
Treat people how you want to be treated. If it’s a 20 min cardio rule and you’ve been on longer than 20 minutes please give it up.

– 2 –
Sweat is gross. Please clean up your computer after you use it. . There is nothing worse than going to a machine you just want to find a puddle of sweat bring a towel and a lot of gyms offer paper towels and cleaner.

– 3 –
Checking body odor and smells before heading to the gym. Working out next to someone with strong body odor or perfume is not very nice. So please shower is a tic tac

– 4 –
Please do not drop the weights. I know you ripped guys are hard core and all but dropping a ton of weights is nerve racking for everyone but you

– 5 –
Beware of bacteria. It’s not a bad idea to keep hand sanitizer in your gym bag. Some gyms have not clean as they should. You never know what people have done or touches without washing hands and then get on the machines. Always use flipflop in the bathroom especially the shower or you can get some serious fungal