How To Save Money And Find Dr.

How To Save Money And Find Dr.
How To Save Money And Find Dr.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is all the rage right now with Entertainment Tonight and People magazine covering stories about cookie that helps people lose weight. The diet cookies can be costly so you should explore ways to reach a reduced cost savings

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Visit online auctions. Online auctions are an excellent place to get a reduced rate and Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is no exception. The prices of online auctions is often 25-50% of the normal price. There is a link in the Resources” below which will take you to the current online auctions for these diet cookies.

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Be online weight loss forums. These sites are for people who are trying to lose weight. You can connect with others who have tried all kinds of different diets. Chances are you may find someone who tried Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet and decided it was not a diet they wished to remain on. Offer to buy this person is left over stock they’ll probably cut you a deal.

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Use a coupon code. Do an online search for “Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet coupon code and you will receive more return for sites that offer current savings with the purchase of diet cookies.”