How To Hide A Muffin Top

How To Hide A Muffin Top
How To Hide A Muffin Top

Summer is here again and proves difficult to hide that unsightly weight gain! Unfortunately for us women our fat gathers around our belly and love handles area. If we allow it to get out of control we are subject to. . . Muffin top! The Muffin top” is the muffin-shaped fat hanging over the sides of the jeans. Yuck! Well now we have it and we can not get rid of it immediately. . . So what do we do to hide it until we gather enough energy to exercise it off? Well here are some tips:
You need:
Protein shakes.

– 1 –
Tuck Away the tight jeans!
Major tight jeans to winter and hope you still watch them when you dig them back out of the closet! Tight jeans are the No. 1 cause of “muffin tops” in America today. Do not become a statistic! Try the pants without a shirt if you can pinch the fat right over the edge of jeans put them in Goodwill pile!

– 2 –
Get a belt!

If you are not ready to part with tight jeans try spanks or other forms of stomach flatter underwear. When picking out these underwear stick to those that are big fan or a 1-peice style. The last thing you want is a muffin top of underwear!

– 3 –
Loathe of Low-Rise!
Stay away from low-rise jeans. Tummy fat seems to be most prevalent in the area below the navel. Try to find fashionable jeans that come up a little higher than normal jeans. Sometimes a higher jean is all you need to cover your love handles and belly fat.

– 4 –
Choose your shirts wisely!
Avoid tight-fitting shirts. Stick to button up or starchier shirts that will keep the form and will not cling to your body. Moreover shirts that have an elastic band around the bottom clings to your legs and not your waist. Keep shirts loose but not loose to make you look pregnant when you are not.

– 5 –
Get fit!
The best way to hide a muffin top is to avoid one at all! Be active! Try to eat a healthy low calorie high protein diet and exercise! Doing crunches and other ab exercises to keep the stomach flat!”