How To Do The Master Cleanse Diet

How To Do The Master Cleanse Diet
How To Do The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet is also called the Lemonade Diet. It is not a diet to make you lose weight there is a cleansing diet to rid the body of toxins. It takes about two weeks without food liquids. Follow these steps to make the Master Cleanse Diet
You need:.
Senna tea
Handheld or electric juicer.
Organic grade B maple syrup.
Cayenne pepper.
Colon cleansing saline wash.

– 1 –
Get a good book on the Master Cleanse Diet and follow the instructions. You must change your diet according to your body’s needs.

– 2 –
Plan to go for two weeks without food and only liquid. Make sure you do not have any party or vacation plans on schedule at this time.

– 3 –
Buy the items you need for your diet. You need senna tea lemons water a handheld or electric juicer organic grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You will also use a colon-cleansing saline wash.

– 4 –
It cleanses will make sure you have frequent bowel movements. So you should plan to be near a toilet especially the first hour after waking. You can change the amount of tea drinking and salt sinks to allow your rate of cleansing.

– 5 –
The diet will make you crave toxic food. You will crave the poisonous food that your body is detoxifying from it. This craving passes probably the day after with stools.
Easy slowly from the Master Cleanse Diet. If you start eating poisonous food as soon as it can make you sick. Start slow with a healthy diet adding a food group at a time.

Tips and Warnings

This diet is cleansing not a weight-loss diet. So do not be shocked when you get half the weight back afterward.
Check with your doctor before starting this diet especially if you have some health problems.