What Foods Give You Energy And A Better Mood?

What Foods Give You Energy And A Better Mood?
What Foods Give You Energy And A Better Mood?

Your body needs fuel to function properly. Keep our energy levels up and our moods balanced are two important features that are aided by proper nutrition choices. Going without eating nutritional foods that help to maintain normal blood sugar levels can drain our energy quickly and can cause mood swings
Eat Often
To maintain a normal blood sugar it is best to eat small amounts of healthy foods every few hours instead of large amounts of two to three times a day. This practice will help to maintain muscle mass as well as burning calories faster than fat tissue you develop by overeating. Running on empty is not a good idea because it may trigger a desire for processed sweets fat and salty foods. Try to carry healthy snacks with you everywhere like low fat cheese and whole grain crackers low-fat yogurt or a fruit.
Fuel Up
Protein complex carbohydrates and fat in healthy food energy body. Carbohydrates convert quickly to glucose and eat a light meal before exercise can give you a quick boost. If you want the energy to last combining protein with carbohydrates to slow the energy absorption. Small amounts of healthy fats can be incorporated which will make for the most effective fuel-packed meal.
healthy Combinations
Combine complex carbohydrates such as vegetables legumes or brown rice low-fat proteins like poultry fish tofu or eggs. A small meal of fish with vegetables and brown rice is a healthy choice for increasing energy and balance mood. Include foods rich in soluble fiber which assists in slowing down the absorption of sugar in your blood. Oats brown rice barley and legumes are rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables such as apples oranges strawberries sweet potatoes and carrots are also soluble fiber powerhouses.
important Additional
Omega-3 fatty acids like those found in salmon sardines ground flaxseed and walnuts are thought to possibly be mood enhancers. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are linked to balancing moods because some believe that they help the body to create serotonin. And vitamin D appears to increase serotonin levels too. For further information on foods that contain these nutrients see Resources.
More Best Picks
The best energizing and mood boosts foods are rich in complex carbohydrates protein fiber vitamins minerals and antioxidants. Eat some of these foods such as blueberries cantaloupe mango and citrus fruit with whole grain toast and an egg. Spinach peppers and tomatoes would make a flavorful salad served with a little low-fat cheese on top. A soybean patty on a whole grain bun can be another small meal. For a healthy portable snack keep a small serving of nuts in your desktop.