Steady Weight Loss

Steady Weight Loss
Steady Weight Loss

Losing weight should be a long term goal not a quick-fix or fad diet that promises results that do not last longer than your next meal. While it is not easy to be patient the results of slow but steady weight loss will be more than worth the effort — now and far into the future
Forget Starving
For the most reliable results must eat small well-balanced meals norm. Skipping meals does nothing but force your body to wonder when it’s going to eat again. The body goes into starvation mode where the metabolism slows and it hangs on every ounce of fat it can. On the other hand eating 5:57 small meals a day keeps your metabolism revved and provides your body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day with flying colors.
Amp on Exercise
To burn fat build muscle and shed the lbs you need to exercise. This does not mean you have to run a marathon or lift weights like a professional bodybuilder but you probably need to exercise at least three days a week to see results. Exercise keeps your metabolism running in high gear release the “feel good” endorphins and tones the muscles which will slowly replace the layer of fat no matter how old you are or where your problems areas. Walking jogging and weight-bearing exercises are best for stimulating calorie burn and weight lifting (even small to moderate amounts) builds muscle which in turn burns more calories. Shoot for at least three cardio / aerobic workouts a week and two weight or weight-bearing exercises a week.
Believe it or not drinking between 64 grams and a liter of water a day will help shed excess weight and keep your body well hydrated at all times. Sure you need to make a lot of trips to the bathroom the first few days but your body will adapt and soon you will feel much better much more filling and less likely to start grazing. Drink plenty of fluids in hot weather and while outdoors too.”