How To Keep Eating And Lose Weight

How To Keep Eating And Lose Weight
How To Keep Eating And Lose Weight

Starving yourself to the point of weight loss can have adverse short and long term effects on your body including undermining your efforts to lose weight in the first place. If taste is the first victim when it comes to losing pounds it can take all the fun out of eating. If you want to keep eating and also lose weight then the key cutting calories in the right places

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Forcing the body to work when you eat. High-fiber foods take longer to work through the system which means that your body has to burn more calories to digest them. Increasing the fiber in your diet will speed your metabolic rate which means you will burn calories faster without training.

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Speed ??up your metabolism through exercise. You will still be able to eat if you’re willing to work hard when you do not eat. Aerobic exercise that is both challenging and energetic quickens the pace at which you burn calories if done regularly. The absolute best way to do this is by a technique called interval training. When you perform aerobic exercise providing the most energetic efforts every 30 seconds every three minutes of exercise. When you give a full 30 seconds of your maximum intensity effort returning to a sustainable pace of the workout and repeat for three minutes until done.

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Add some lean muscle. Although muscle is heavier than fat accumulate some muscle mass means your body must burn more calories for its maintenance. Simply add some resistance emphasis on aerobic exercise like ankle weights dumbbells or use inclined landscape will suffice. You can also lift light weights at the gym to add some lean muscle pounds that will help you lose weight faster in the future.

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Spread your meals throughout the day. While you ultimately will have to cut some calories out of your diet to lose weight is the way you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Skipping meals can actually make you gain weight by forcing the body into starvation mode where it stores more fat than normal because it does not know when the next meal will come. Spreading your meals out for five to six a day with smaller portions is the best way to go to lose weight and keep eating.

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Know where to change the menu. Using objects as a George Foreman Grill will help you keep your favorites with less fat. You can also replace some items that are healthier and have fewer calories. Using wheat noodles in spaghetti or switch to wheat bread will help you to eat healthier carbohydrates. You can also replace some sugars with natural sweeteners like honey in many recipes helping you to preserve taste but eliminate unhealthy and unnecessary calories. Eating fresh foods instead of processed foods will also help you to cut down on sodium.

Tips and Warnings

Calculate how many calories you consume in a day versus the amount of calories you burn. After that is done reduce caloric intake by 500 to 1 000 calories below the amount burned to lose weight and continue to eat.
Weight loss should be a gradual process in a healthy recommended rate of 1 to £ 2. weekly to give your body skin and stomach time to adjust.