How To Lose Weight Using Every Diet You’ve Been On

How To Lose Weight Using Every Diet You’ve Been On
How To Lose Weight Using Every Diet You’ve Been On

Have you been to 101 diets? Are you a source of information on more diets than you can count? If so here’s how to use the best of what you have learned all together to help you get where you want to go
You need:.
. pen or pencil.
diet partner good but not necessary.

– 1 –
Get a decent record you can use a spiral notebook but a journal will make this more fun.

– 2 –

Start journal with your weight your realistic goals (may I suggest a target slightly above what you would consider perfect which is very do-able). Make an entry on why you want to lose weight how you really feel about it and what all motivation is. This will be good to look at when you are down the road a piece and feel like jumping off the wagon re-reading this can remind you why this was so important to you in the first place and how you felt before you started losing weight (which can be surprisingly easy to forget).

– 3 –
On a separate piece of paper to write down all the diets you’ve ever been on and / or diet books you’ve read even if you did not actually do diets in them. When finished one after the transfer list to your journal with a little blurb of the most important things you learned from this particular diet.

– 4 –
Leave room at the end of the diet advice that you will pick up along the way things you want to learn by yourself about yourself or from others like: Night times are especially challenging for me so have pre cut vegetables out will help me to avoid to get the bad stuff.

– 5 –
Try to record at least weekly on weight loss. Write about what you are struggling with and how you feel. Journal your weight and what exercise you do. When finished go over the list of things you’ve learned from every diet again to remind yourself what you need to stay focused on. If you can enlist a friend to do this with you you can exchange tips and motivate each other to achieve your goals.

Tips and Warnings

enlisting the help of your doctor will help to keep you healthy responsible and provides a good helper resource.