Using Hacker Diet Tracker

Using Hacker Diet Tracker
Using Hacker Diet Tracker

The Hacker’s Diet uses a complex system of spreadsheets called trackers to chart the progress of weight loss and exercise habits. The Hacker’s Diet Tracker can be found online and printed out if you need to see progress on paper

– 1 –
Sign up for a Hacker’s Diet Tracker Online account. You can find a link to the login page in Resources. Make sure you enter a valid email address. The registration process requires you to confirm your email address before you can login

– 2 –
your weight every day. This is very important because if you skip a day the results for the current month will be realized. The Hacker’s Diet uses a method called rock weight to determine the actual weight loss. According to the program taking the stone weight method regards water weight loss and no figures not that weight loss in your weight loss total.

– 3 –
Find your training called for the day and write it daily. There is a list at the bottom of the tracker that will help you determine exercise rung. You only find exercises that you did that day. Find the number of repetitions and corresponding rung is rung as you did for that exercise. If you find that exercise rung differs for each exercise you should specify an average dialed to get an accurate reading.

– 4 –
Get motivated by tracker results. If you lost weight let it motivate you to continue the program. If you gained weight which will motivate you to work harder and eat smarter.