How To Debunk The Myth Obesity

How To Debunk The Myth Obesity
How To Debunk The Myth Obesity

We live in a society obsessed with thinness. The US has the highest rate of anorexia deaths in the world and the highest number of diet-focused companies hawking their wares. There are many who see obesity as a health crisis. Nevertheless there is growing number of specialists who say this is not the case. Follow these steps to debunk the myth obesity

– 1 –
Do a little research to find out facts about obesity. Increasing mubers of researchers in the field say that the government the medical establishment and the media is painting a false picture of the problem. The simple reason is money. It is in the interests of the government and health professionals to keep us use our dollars on weight loss.

– 2 –
Consider the facts surrounding obesity myth to debunk it. According to the Center for Consumer Freedom (CFCs) using the weight-loss industry hysteria tactics to get people to believe that obesity is the cause of all of society’s ills to add more dollars to their coffers. And pointing CCF out that the pharmaceutical industry in particular is putting its vast resources behind research that grossly exaggerates the health risks and costs of being overweight as well as its propagation. When they convince us” problem drug manufacturers will peddle the (lucrative) “cure. “

– 3 –
Question realities of obesity-related health problems. When you read articles or hear newscasts say that 65 percent of the country is obese (and therefore at risk for heart disease stroke etc.) be aware that the reason more people are being classified as overweight is not because they actually are but because government changed the weight index standard a few years ago so that it fits in with the weight-loss companies want to use.

– 4 –
Take control of your own body image. The biggest problem with obesity myth is that it makes people especially women feel terrible about their bodies. This leads to self-starvation (anorexia) and forced purging (bulimia). No one can be happy or beautiful while indulging in such activities to be “thin”.

– 5 –
Focus on being happy and healthy than thin. If consumers vote with their dollars and refuses to use them on a weight-loss food drug or programs and it will allow them to focus on their own happiness. This in turn will tell the diet companies that consumers are not interested in their myths.”