How To Reduce Calories To Lose Weight

How To Reduce Calories To Lose Weight
How To Reduce Calories To Lose Weight

In this world of social pressure to be thin” it is important that people maintain a good diet. Not the high-protein or low-carb diet that you think of but a diet that only involves healthy eating. While I’m a heavy proponent of exercise it is a proven fact that increasing calories each day will help you gradually lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips to reduce calories each day while losing the extra little bit of weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle
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A first tip is to avoid fast food whenever possible. Even if you do not go for the Triple Whopper have Tender Crisp Chicken Garden “Salad” with Honey Mustard dressing at Burger King a whopping total of 740 calories and 46 grams of fat. Avoid fast food restaurants and their temptations as a whole is a very good idea if you are trying to reduce calories to lose weight. If you are hungry and on the go try stopping at either a super-market and pick up a ready-to-go meal or stopping by subway instead.

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Remember that liquid also contain calories and make you gain weight. A single can of Coca-Cola has 200 calories the same as a reasonably sized snack. Reach for a glass of water instead and if you absolutely need a boost of flavor go to the supermarket and take some calorie-free powder packets of tea or Propel which is both cheap and healthy. The only beverage with calories that you really need is skim milk.

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Fruits and vegetables are your best friends. Both these foods are made of mostly water (which means they have few calories) fills you up quickly and are full of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are a great snack to lose weight and can be eaten without guilt.

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Gum is also a very good resource for someone who wants to reduce calories. Just the feeling of chewing something will help reduce your appetite and keep you over mealtime. I recommend Orbit gum for its sugarfree approach and sharp taste

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Eat three meals a day is a good idea. Within these three meals includes a source of protein (meat beans or nuts) a fruit a vegetable and a source of carbohydrates (bread pasta biscuits). To make sure that these meals are either filling or not filling enough these three meals keep you full of energy all day. Remember if you need a snack reach for either fruits vegetables unsalted nuts or just a gum
You must be determined to eat healthy for this plan to work. Just a little bit of junk food every day can ruin your diet and keep you from losing weight. Mix this healthy approach to eating less food with a solid exercise regimen and you should soon see the pounds fly off and be in the best shape of your life

Tips and Warnings

I support a healthy eating not a crazy low-calorie diet. Never follow an extremely low-calorie diet (less than 1000 calories a day) without first consulting with a doctor”