Diet High Density Food

Diet High Density Food
Diet High Density Food

A diet high density foods include foods that are high in calories and fat and low in fiber and water content. This type of diet can be quite unhealthy or it may be good for you depending on the amount and type of high-density food you eat
With high-density foods you get less food for the same amount of calories as a low-density food. For example for 50 calories you can eat a whole cup of strawberries while the same 50 calories you get only a bite or two of a chocolate chip cookie. Consume more high than low density food you get your daily calorie needs much more quickly and with less food
There are two types of high-density food ;. Those who are heart-healthy and those that are harmful to your body. Heart-healthy high-density foods contain flax oil fish and almonds harmful foods include fatty meats candy bars and anything fried
Eating a diet that contains a lot of high-density foods may cause you. to gain weight or prevent you from losing weight. Although heart-healthy foods will lead to weight gain because they are just as high in calories and fat as long as they are important in your diet you need to moderate your intake of these too.