How To Lose Weight On The Diet Duke

How To Lose Weight On The Diet Duke
How To Lose Weight On The Diet Duke

The Duke Diet originated in the world renowned Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham North Carolina. To lose weight recommends Duke Diet that you combine diet and exercise with behavioral modifications. Duke Diet you can gradually lose weight and keep it off

– 1 –
Stop destructive thinking. Positive thinking is the first step in achieving your weight loss goals. Negative thoughts like I’ll always be fat” must stop for you to start losing weight.

– 2 –
Follow portion control recommendations. The Duke Diet can choose moderate portions of six different food groups.

– 3 –
Cut out foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates. White bread sweets and fast food are prohibited at the Duke Diet. Consuming these foods can cause the pounds to continue to pile on.

– 4 –
Follow menu plans and meals that come straight from Duke kitchen. In the book you will find healthy low fat and low carb recipes.

– 5 –
Design a fitness plan. The Duke Diet provides physical activities based on your activity level. More active people have more demanding workouts.

Tips and Warnings

It costs about $ 10 000 to stay a month at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center. Residents have lost hundreds of pounds by following staff recommendations.
The Duke Diet book was written by the center’s program director Howard Eisenson MD and behavioral health director Ph Martin BinksD.”