How To Curb Cravings On A Raw Food Diet

How To Curb Cravings On A Raw Food Diet
How To Curb Cravings On A Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet either temporarily or part of a long-term change is a great way to boost your health and cleanse your body. But after a lifetime of eating cooked foods it is normal to experience a number of cravings. With a little willpower and a few creative ideas you can curb cravings and succeed on a diet

– 1 –
Eat enough raw food every day to meet your caloric needs. The number one reason why people experience cravings on a raw food diet is that they simply do not eat enough. You should eat three full meals each day with two or three snack in between.

– 2 –
Heat up some raw soup when you’re hot food. Prepare a soup then eat it on the stove in a water bath. Keep a thermometer in the soup and make sure it does not exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This way you can enjoy a hot bowl of soup without going from raw to cooked.

– 3 –
Curb cravings for sweets on a raw food diet by satisfy your desire with raw sweets. There are many recipes available for raw food brownies ice and other dessert foods. Many times a bowl of fruit with a little honey is equally satisfying as your favorite candy bar.

– 4 –
Buy a food dehydrator if raw food diet is long-term or something you plan on doing often. A food dehydrator can prepare bread biscuits pizza and other hot dishes normally without cooking food. Because cravings on a raw food diet is sometimes as simple as a slice of pizza or something crunchy a dehydrator is a great way to eat some of your old favorites without breaking your diet.

– 5 –

Get the nutrients your body needs such as lack of fat and / or protein is enough to cause strong cravings for foods not allowed on a raw food diet. Make sure you include healthy oils avocados coconut and other foods containing fat in your daily diet. In addition nutritional yeast sprouted beans and nuts help you get protein that your body needs and curb cravings for meat and other protein sources.