Why Keep A Food Journal?

Why Keep A Food Journal?
Why Keep A Food Journal?

Keeping a food journal is a key to successfully managing your eating habits. Shading the truth when it comes to how we eat how much we eat and why we eat is easy when no record is kept. A journal can keep you honest and identify important facts about your behavior as they relate to food
Personal Knowledge
Keep a food journal to see the exact amounts varieties and occasions when you eat. Other information you may wish to register include what time you ate how you felt before and after and what you did during your meal or snack.
tracking Habits
Review the entries made each week to identify trends in eating habits. Look for good trends (healthy eating eating in moderation) and bad trends (too much snacking poor food choices).
Detect problems
Use the negative trend information to identify areas of your diet where improvements can be made. Search to replace as many bad habits as possible with healthier choices or to remove them altogether
correcting omissions
Use trend information to identify areas where the diet is lacking -. For example you realize that you do not eat enough fresh fruit or vegetables. A special meal time of day or week might stand out as places where you need to make a specific improvement.
secure Variety
See the entries for the week and identify the range of foods consumed. Healthy eating means choosing a variety of foods to meet nutritional needs. If the list focuses on only a handful of fruit or vegetable options try to add variety by introducing a new food every day.