Side Effects Of Prenate Dha

Side Effects Of Prenate Dha
Side Effects Of Prenate Dha

Prenate DHA is the name of multivitamin and iron blend for those with nutritional deficiencies either from a poor diet or disease. It is also often used by women during pregnancy. It combines essential vitamins and iron creating strong healthy foundation for your body. The multivitamin is intended for everyday use. As with any type of drug or vitamin there are some possible side effects of taking prenate DHA
common side effects
There are several relatively common side effects that may arise as a result of taking prenate DHA. Generally these events are no great cause for alarm and subside on their own as your body gets used to multivitamins. However the side effects worsen or persist medical attention may be required. These side effects are nausea headache yellow / orange-colored urine appetite loss vomiting indigestion heartburn insomnia fatigue muscle pain belching gas intestinal pain tinnitus and an unpleasant metallic taste lingering in the mouth.
Serious Side Effects
There are also several serious side effects that are associated with prenate DHA. In cases of serious side effects emergency medical attention is essential. A couple of potentially harmful side effects of prenate DHA include abnormal bleeding or bruising and extreme vomiting and nausea.
allergic reactions
Allergic reactions are also possibly serious side effects of prenate DHA. If a person experiencing an allergic reaction to multivitamin they must stop using it immediately and get emergency medical help. Some signs of allergic reaction to prenate DHA is difficulty swallowing or breathing unusual swelling hives wheezing hives and itching.
People considering taking prenate DHA multivitamin must exercise caution in advance. It is important to notify your doctor about your medical history and any health problems you have or have had in the past. People allergic to any foods preservatives or dyes as well as those with bleeding disorders or anemia should be especially careful.
On suspicion prenate DHA overdose it is important to get medical attention. Some common often less signs of prenate DHA overdose include nausea vomiting and constipation. Some more-serious signs of overdose is extremely sleepiness lightheadedness dizziness bloody or black stools low blood sugar rapid heartbeat low blood pressure diarrhea flushing pale skin dehydration coma seizures blue fingernails and lips fluid in the lungs chills and fever. Many of these dangerous signs of overdose comes from the fact that prenate DHA contains a lot of iron. These are symptoms of poisoning iron which is very harmful especially for young children.